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The Repulsive Tales of Wayward Fern Video Promo - 1 min

Updated: Nov 13, 2023


"The Repulsive Tales of Wayward Fern

When Drinking and Thinking Don't Mix"

ISBN-13 979-8710324011

Innocent bystander, Curtis Reynolds, was walking his dog, Daryl, when the two of them stumbled upon a raging, hormonal, beast of nature, FERN, busily cleaning out her cooter in a lake just outside of a small Mississippi town. Does love blossom between them? Hardly!

Curtis is a hard-working, openly gay, single man who is always trying to do the right thing. Fern, his newly found "friend from the lake" is a drunken, self-absorbed, self-admitted sex-addict who is always in search of a good time, a cold beverage and a cigarette. But is she all bad? Yeah, probably. But is it her fault? Maybe! She manages to squeeze her way into as many bizarre situations as possible, wreaking havoc upon the residents of sleepy Meridian. How did she suddenly appear in the lake? Where did she come from and what does she want from poor Curtis?

Fern can be a real twat, as you will see, but is she lovable? She cannot be all bad, right? What is she like when she's sober? Who lives and who dies? Will Underdog swoop in and save the day? Or perhaps Mighty Mouse? Scooby Doo? Curtis? You'll have to read this almost entirely true HOMO-EROTIC story to find out! A couple of names were barely changed to protect the guilty. 18+


(readable on any device) available at Amazon If you can't find copies in your country, ask author for link. :)



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