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Updated: Nov 13, 2023


In addition to now there is also !!

So much to see and do. You can go to the other website, if you would like to hear me read blurbs and excerpts from my books, or you can sample it below. There is nothing special about my voice nor my accent, but I am happy to read the post for you! Just go there and look for places to click. You will be directed to "SPOTIFY" or "Anchor" to listen to readings from my playlists. For the moment, this is new, so it will take a while to grow this functionality. But there are already a few bits available for your listening or read-along pleasure. Look for more soon. The image drawn is an illustration I created many years ago with no one particular in mind. Many years after I drew it, I figured out who it may be.



I was a tease? Nah! These are pictures that "Zee" took of me. You can read about it in the memoirs I & II, "Michael, Little Boy Black & Blue." Life seemed easier before the complex PTSD came rushing in unexpectedly.


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